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Our premier one-on-one program is for driven students committed to achieving acceptance into their top college choices. Families who choose this option want personal, customized coaching and student accountability with maximum results.

Admission Concierge offers one-on-one advising with our expert. Our executive director will work personally with each family and student to build a strategic plan to offer the best possible chance of achieving their admission’s goals.

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Designed for Driven, Competitive Students

If your student is committed to achieving acceptance to a top university and they are ready to take relentless action to supercharge their application and seeking not only acceptance but financial incentives or scholarships into top colleges, then this program is definitely for you.

This program is developed for hard-charging students who have a “take no prisoners” attitude and go for their dreams unapologetically.

Admission Concierge Program 

This program will cover 8+Steps to FastTrack you through the College Application Process.

Step 1: Create the Target College List

Studies show that 30% of all first-year students transfer from their initial college. This costs thousands of dollars and lost time/credits. Choosing the right fit schools are critical. Through our skills and strengths assessment tool, we will help you and your child understand their intrinsic gifts and talents. Then we will discuss potential career tracks, which will lead to building a custom list of target colleges. By understanding your perfect fit requirements, we can reduce the risk of picking the wrong college.


Step 2: Supercharge the Resume

Your child’s resume must be congruent with all of their application communication as it is the shortened summary of their high school experiences both inside and outside of school. Our staff will work with your student to make sure their resume is crisp, concise and represents who they are and how they’ll contribute to their top choice universities.

Step 3: Craft the Student's Brand

Your child’s story incorporates their passions, activities and future career aspirations all rolled into one.  Creating his/her narrative is what makes them unique and able to stand out amongst similar academically strong applicants. Our director will collaborate with your student to help set them apart, reflect their brand in their custom resume and help them land at the top of the admission’s yes pile.


Step 4: Build the Essay Strategy

Most juniors waste a ton of time writing way too many essays. We developed a process to help them streamline the number of essays by suggesting which ones can be recycled for each application.  This often alleviates stress when they realize they won’t have to write dozens of essays from scratch.


Step 5: Write the Perfect Essays

Our students come to us often having learned a more formal research-based writing technique in high school. College essays today require a different type: expository creative writing style. We have a 3-step process to make sure your student’s essays incorporate their personal beliefs and values. Through editing and suggestive inputs, we will assure their essays will capture the admissions reader positively.

Step 6: Edit Admission and Scholarship Essays

Combining their resume profile with their brand messaging discretely into their essays will present a strategically powerful application. Our editing provides quick turnaround so your student can submit their applications early. This will increase their chances of not only getting into their top choices but also of receiving aid.

Step 7: Manage Application and Deliverables Timeline

Staying organized is key to success especially during the college admission’s process. The UPrep4College Road Map offers a complete set of tracking tools, dashboards and cost comparison spreadsheets so that you and your student can navigate application and scholarship deadlines, key requirements and all the moving parts of this process. Combine these with accountability from our staff and you’ll be able to relax knowing your student won’t miss any deadlines or opportunities.

Step 8: Build Application and Interview Strategy

UPrep offers you personalized interview strategies and a mock interview using questions from an actual Ivy league. Plus we offer dress for success suggestions, communication tips and how to stand out during the interview. A custom scholarship submission strategy will be developed to help your student meet their requirements and deadlines. This will mean applications are turned in early, giving them the greatest chance for acceptance and institutional aid.

The Admission Concierge System Includes

100+ Insider Admission Secrets

From Middle School thru Your Final College Decision

Over 90 Modules and Lessons

 Quarterly Action Steps

50+ resources

Including Worksheets, Templates, Cheat Sheets


Exclusive Access

 Access to Our Facebook Community

Lifetime Access

Access to the UPrep4College Road Map for One User

Additional Support Included:


One-on-One Coaching

Dedicated Hours of one-on-one coaching with the Executive Director who will personally guide and mentor your student through the entire college admission’s process. This program also provides email support and direct access to UPrep’s Facebook Group.

Custom Strategy

As part of this premier program, Michele will not only offer your student access to the key steps in the UPrep4College Road Map but also dive deeply into the Admission Concierge 8+ Steps above creating a customized strategy to give your student the best chance of getting into their top school.

Essay and Scholarship Editing

During the Admission Concierge program, Michele will personally help review Unlimited Applications, Supplemental and/or Scholarship Essays depending on your family’s personal college strategy. 

Developed to create the greatest accountability with your student to help drive the best outcomes. 

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