Many families today still view college planning as a side line activity that complements the mandatory 15 minute school guidance counselor meeting. But successful college bound hopefuls realize it’s more than ‘following” your high school’s lead that will determine your future, it’s about having and following through with a comprehensive college plan that links to your student’s career and financial goals.

If you don’t have a college road map, it’s never too late to start formulating the where, when and how you will achieve success during the college admissions process. Maybe, it’s simply getting organized, building a timeline of activities or meeting with your financial planner. Or if you haven’t prepared, you might find yourself scrambling at the last minute to get your child into college.

Building a College Road map is all about preparing well in advance.

There is so much to get done PRIOR to your junior year.  Here are just a few activities you’ll need plan:

  • Discovering career interests
  • High School course planning
  • Building your student’s brand
  • Establishing your college profile
  • Preparing for the SAT/ACT
  • Determining financial investment
  • Researching colleges
  • Applying for scholarships

Many parents find the process overwhelming and unfortunately often miss critical deadlines and then it’s too late. If you approach college in advance with a methodical step by step action plan, the process won’t be so overwhelming. Setting goals early and plotting each year’s activities in advance will benefit the busiest of families.

Independent College Counselors can help you shorten your learning curve as you prepare for the all encompassing college transition. Make sure you are fully conditioned and prepared to complete the admissions marathon before you hit the starting line. If you don’t have the time, expertise or knowledge take advantage of the resources available to you or hire an outside edeucational consulting firm to help you Connect the Dots.