Getting into a top University is more competitive than ever before! It’s just not the same as when s students applied even 10 years ago. Times were much much simpler; kid’s applied to 2-3 schools, usually in-state and with little preparation they’d get into our first choice. Fast forward a couple decades and getting into a state school is increasingly more competitive. And a top choice College or University is nearly impossible. Top tier universities are now contributing to single digit percentage acceptance rates and some public universities are accepting a meer 25% or less. Record number applications and low acceptance rates have become the norm. Today even getting an acceptance letter from the University of Tennessee takes more than above average grades and test scores to land a coveted spot on UT’s Freshman roster! One reason staying stateside has become more competitive in TN and in neighboring states like Georgia and Florida is because of state assistance programs like the Hope Scholarship. If students have the desire, the grades and corresponding test scores they can receive up to $4000 annually. Obviously, more applications amp up this competitive nature of admissions.

There are a number of additional reasons that have contributed to super competitive admissions:

  • More high schoolers graduating than ever before, on average 3.2 million seniors will graduate annually until 2022
  • Colleges are now globalized businesses attracting more international applicants from places like Asia and Latin America
  • Application inflation from the Common Application coupled with online access has made applying to 10-12 schools much easier and more streamlined
  • Add to it the fact more kids are finding it necessary to acquire a college degree as a baseline and master’s for economic success
  • Academic rigors have yielded higher GPA’s, SAT and ACT scores and a high school resume that looks more like a mid-lifer’s

Studies in 2013 show that students who graduate from these top notch schools earn considerably more over their lifetime than comparable students at less prestigious colleges. This is due in part to several things; the education expenditure per student is higher at prestigious universities, combine that with the rationing of acceptance numbers and the selectivity and quality of the candidates creates the perfect breeding ground for raising the bar academically.

For those students who want to get into the Top 100 colleges and universities and don’t want to experience this selective “roll of the dice” it’s important to have a well thought out multi-year plan well long before your Junior year. And yes, some families are even starting in middle school. At U prep 4 College, we know what college admission’s representatives look for and how to prepare you with a solid College Road Map to help you reach your desitnation.

Before you start high school ask yourself:

  • What are the classes I need to graduate that will allow me to pursue a particular course of study at ABC college?
  • How many college credits can I receive in high school so that I can increase my chances of getting into my top choices and reduce my overall college costs?
  • What do I need to have on my high school resume to land me a spot in my top choices?
  • Which extracurricular activities in and out of high school will increase my chance of getting into my top college choices?
  • Answering these questions is a great place to begin when evaluating where and what you’d like to pursue after high school, start the conversation now so you will have the time needed to put together a full proof plan.