My parents knew the college application process would be a nightmare. So they invested in UPrep4College, a college advisory who helps students navigate the college admission process. I definitely felt more prepared than all of my peers. In fact, UPrep4College even created a custom scholarship list just for me. The college process had the potential to be a frustrating experience, but UPrep made it so much easier with their step-by-step system. Resources included tools for college managing and tracking, resumes, college tour questions, and so much more. My resume went from a list to a professional masterpiece. And my essays went from bland to award-winning. In the end, Michele helped me to achieve my dream of attending college in the D.C. area. All in all, I applied to 15 schools and earned over $600,000 in total scholarships. And this fall, I will be attending the largest research university, near our nation’s capital with a full scholarship worth over $130,000. I could not have achieved any of this without UPrep4College, and I would recommend them to anyone starting the college process.


Student, George Mason University, Class of 2023

Thanks to UPrep4College, our 9th grader is following a step-by-step program which helps him build a strategy, setting goals for the rest of high school. We are so relieved we won’t be scrambling to figure out this college admissions thing late, waiting till Junior or Senior year like the rest of his class. What a valuable service, we wish everyone knew about them. If you have a rising high schooler, call UPrep4College now. And you too can remove all the stress of applying to college.


Mom of High School Freshman, Future Class of 2024

Getting help from UPrep4College was the best investment my family could have made to navigate the overwhelming process of applying for college.

Michele helped our son evaluate his key strengths and passions to find possible career options. Once those were determined they looked at specific majors and the schools that offered the corresponding strongest academic programs.

I’m thrilled to say with Michele’s help my son received scholarships and financial aid totaling over $68,000 for 4 years. Additionally, she helped him create an appeal letter to make sure that he was getting the strongest scholarship package possible. If you’re looking for comprehensive college admissions expertise, I highly recommend UPrep4College.


Mom of Freshman, Class of 2023

Our son Bill is a high performing student and always wanted to go to a top-tier university. But because the process had changed since we applied in the 80’s, we knew we needed help.  So we called Michele to help us put a strategic high school plan together to make sure our son was on track. Once his junior year finished, he was well on his way to slaying the application process. Last spring we found out Bill got into Vanderbilt and also won a full-tuition merit scholarship worth $200,000! Thanks to the UPrep4College team, Bill will be attending his number one choice.  Best money we’ve ever spent!


Father of Freshman at Vanderbilt, Class of 2019

My daughter has been interested in musical theater every since she was a little girl. As supportive as my husband and I have been, we knew getting her into a great MFA musical theater program would be a challenge in today’s competitive world. UPrep4College helped my daughter find the best schools for her, craft an outstanding essay, discover incredible scholarships we didn’t even know existed and they convinced the school our daughter is going to attend to give us an additional $16,000 appeal on top of her $80,000 scholarship. I can’t speak more highly of UPrep’s services; They truly have something special going on.


Mom of Katie attending Belmont University, Class of 2022.

Our daughter didn’t know what she wanted to major in at college so we brought UPrep4College on board. Bringing in a third party allowed our family to have a different perspective. UPrep4College offered a proprietary online career assessment that questioned our daughter and matched her key strengths and some challenges. We then viewed a series of reports on different careers she could excel in and paired those with matching colleges. As we uncovered gaps in high school classes, we were able to make the necessary changes before it was too late. Our daughter then followed the UPrep4College plan and found the perfect college.


Spring Hill, Mom of Sophomore, Class of 2019

THIS is what’s helped us navigate the last 2 years in preparing both our girls for the college search and scholarship application process. We highly recommend you contact Michele if you are in the midst or beginning the college search process! A pleasure to work with—very knowledgeable, professional, responsive, and friendly. SO very much worth the investment, as both our daughters, have earned over $100,000 in scholarship dollars each! In fact, we’ve made our investment back tenfold. Our oldest has been accepted to all of the top honors colleges on her list!!


Mom of graduating high school senior, future Class of 2023

Getting help from UPrep4College was the best investment my family could have made to navigate the overwhelming process of applying to college. Michele helped me evaluate my key strengths and passions to find possible career options. She also helped me craft my resume to increase my chances of admittance.

With Michele’s help, I received scholarships and aid for a total of $68,000 over 4 years. Throughout the entire process, she was involved in every detail. I felt highly valued and she genuinely wanted to create a strong pathway for my success. If you’re looking for college admissions help, I totally recommend UPrep4College. Your student will be guided to have the best shot at pursuing their dream career at the right fit college.


Student , MTSU Class of 2023

We discovered Michele a bit late in the college admission process, but she provided my daughter great direction and helped ease our worries about the application process. She gave excellent feedback on many of the essays required and opened our eyes to schools that were a good fit that we had not yet discovered She took my daughter’s extensive, but unorganized resume and turned it into a resume what showed exactly who she is to the colleges that she applied. Her advice was invaluable and my daughter received acceptance into all her top choices: Vanderbilt, Rice, University of Virginia, Boston University, Northeastern, UT- Plan II Honors. We can’t thank UPrep4college enough. I wish we had found her earlier!


Mom of Micha attending Rice University Class of 2022