Congrats on taking charge of your student’s future.

You’ve enrolled in UPrep’s DIY College Roadmap and followed our steps methodically, but you’ve discovered you’re short on time and need a little extra guidance from someone with more experience.

Rest assured that upgrading to Admission Concierge will mean you have a personal admissions coach to guide you every step of the way, holding you and your student accountable.


One-on-one coaching and a customized strategy plan is just a few clicks away.

Upgrade to Admission Concierge Today

Apply What You’ve Already Paid

UPrep4College makes it super easy, we’ll simply apply what you’ve paid to date toward the price of the Admission Concierge Program and voila! With Admission Concierge, UPrep’s Premier Admission Package, you’ll now receive one-on-one coaching, and a customized strategy/plan.

With this upgrade you will receive
white-glove personalized help: 


Building your college target list

Crafting your application resume and student brand

Brainstorming/ reviewing essays and scholarships

Preparing an Application Strategy with timeline


One on one feedback, advice and accountability

Our executive director will personally work with your student and be available via email at any time during the college admission process.

It’s like having a college admissions coach “in the family.”

And you’ll have lifetime access to the DIY UPrep4College Roadmap program for the entire family.
So, siblings will be able to plan ahead and take advantage of the same proven system.