Who We Are

About Michele Wolfson

Michele is the Founder and Executive Director of UPrep4College, an independent college Admissions Advisory that serves high school families during the often confusing and competitive college admissions process. Choosing to attend college is one of life’s top 3 biggest financial investments. Are you truly prepared to make this investment decision?

Since launching UPrep4College, Michele has served hundreds of students who’ve been awarded millions of dollars in scholarships from programs all over the country. Her marketing and branding experience perfectly position her to serve the needs of today’s rising college students by helping them stand out amongst thousands of applicants.

Born out of necessity for her own family,  Michele consulted admissions counselors, financial aid experts and scholarship gurus to help her own kids get into the best-fit schools. She is dedicated to helping parents understand the changes in today’s higher education and exposes what really goes on behind ivy adorned walls during admission decisions.

She launched UPrep4College in 2014 and is committed to helping families navigate the complex and costly world of higher education. 

Join her in creating a better future by empowering today’s youth to tap into their unlimited potential with a strong and fiscally responsible secondary education.

The UPrep4Collge Road Map is a proprietary step-by-step system for families to find and finance the right-fit college experience.

With this system using little-known tips, ingenious resources, and some careful planning, your family can turn this easy-to-follow program into an incredible 25 to 50 percent discount off the cost of college. And in many cases can through early planning result in a debt-free college graduation.

From career planning and building the perfect college list to developing a stand-out resume, mastering college applications and how to fund college without breaking the bank…

UPrep4College is your one-stop source for prepping your student’s academic future today!

And just in case you haven’t looked at the cost of college today:

The average U.S. home buyer spends approximately $300,000 on their home, the average out of state tuition for a four-year degree….. $300,000. Coincidence, well maybe but which one do you think nets you the greatest return on your investment over the long term? If you said EDUCATION, you’re RIGHT!

Historically housing will appreciate on average 2-3% annually. Education costs on the other hand continue to rise 5% currently and have risen 500% from the mid-1980’s!  Add that up over 30 years and which will yield you the best investment? 

Think about it…Who do you call when you want to buy or sell a home? And who do you call when you want to invest in the stock market?

In other words, you hire an expert! So why not bring an expert on board to help you maximize your purchasing power for a college education?

Our MISSION is to help prepare and position your student for the
ultra-competitive college admissions process so that they can get into their BEST-FIT University.