Why UPrep4College

 College Admissions is…

Confusing, Complicated, Overwhelming

and Ridiculously Expensive

You need an Expert to Guide you through this Process. Just imagine your Child getting into their Dream School and Graduating Debt Free 

UPrep4College is the #1 choice for families because:

You are MORE than just a number.

We love working with people who are committed to their own success. If we feel that your child is willing to work diligently toward their goals and that they are determined to succeed in the college admissions process, we will support your student 100%

We focus on FINANCIALS.

Helping you prepare a stand-out application is just one component of ensuring your future success. UPrep4College can teach you how to find, apply for, and win competitive scholarships and institutional aid.

Since our beginning, we’ve helped secure over $25.7 million in free money towards college degrees. We want to make sure that once your child gets into their dream college, their future choices aren’t limited by a heavy burden of college debt.

We know what it takes to SHINE.

How does your child make a lasting impression in today’s hyper-competitive college admissions? With top schools receiving thousands of applicantions (average student applys to 10-15 schools),  how do they pop off the pile of applicants?

UPrep’s proprietary process can help distinguish your child’s strengths. Our experience of helping students craft a unique brand will make admissions officers sit up and take notice.

We are a generous COMMUNITY.

We believe in giving back to our local community and sponsor scholarships to underprivileged students. We realize there are many students who are underserved and haven’t had the chance for strong support or quality guidance.

If you know of any student who excels in high school and would benefit from a need-based scholarship, please let us know. We realize it takes a village and we want to contribute our part in shaping tommorrow’s future.

We believe in RESULTS.

Last year, our clients received acceptance into 95% of their colleges with over $5,200,000 in scholarships. And they got into one of their top 3 choices.  Just look at our reviews of happy clients.

Several families were also able to negotiate their tuition by several thousand dollars. And a handful of our students received full tuition scholarships out of state to top ranking universities.